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Buick Skylark Check Engine Light Is On

Q. I have a 1996 Buick Skylark GS. For a while the Check Engine Light could come on and go off and at times the ETS light would also come on. I could restart the ETS per owners manual. Now the check engine light stays on. I have had three different locations hook up to determine fault codes, and no one can read them.

Buick Skylark Check Engine Light Is On

The last place told me I should check for problems in harness to ECM to test connector. Is this correct? Is there anything else to check for? The car is getting approximately 30 mpg which is better than it was by about 5 mpg. I do notice a flutter or hesitation when mashing pedal that I didn't have prior to light. If you can help would appreciate.


A. Get to a Buick dealer to have the codes read! They have the proper scan tool to read the DTC's. We'll need the codes before we can help you.

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