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Oldsmobile Aurora Front End Shake

Q. Hello Vincent, I have a 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora with the 3.5 liter V-6 and 43,800 miles on it. One of the ongoing problems I have been experiencing with my car is a shaking/vibration from the front end at highway speeds. On smooth roads above 50 mph you can feel the shaking/vibration transmitted through the steering wheel and drivers seat.

Oldsmobile Aurora Front End Shake

The shaking/vibration is more pronounced when turning the vehicle. I initially took my car to the local Oldsmobile dealer for service, and they said that the problem was due to a bad driver's side control arm, so that was replaced. The problem continued, so the Oldsmobile dealer said that unevenly worn tires were the culprit.

I replaced all 4 tires and had a 4 wheel alignment performed. At this point I was still experiencing the shaking/vibration, but it wasn't as bad as before. After 3,000 miles on the new tires, the problem worsened, so I returned to the tire dealer who replaced my tires.

The tire dealer told me that the outer edges of the tires were wearing down and that there were "flat" spots on the tires. So, I replaced all 4 tires again, along with a 4 wheel alignment. The problem didn't go away when the new tires were replaced, so the Oldsmobile dealer recommended and performed an on-vehicle rotor re-surfacing for all 4 rotors.

So, after 2 sets of tires, 2 wheel alignments, several tire balancings, rotor re-surfacing, and a replaced control arm, the shaking/vibration in my steering hasn't been resolved 4,000 miles later.

The Oldsmobile dealer insists that my suspension has been thoroughly inspected and looks good. I'm worried that I will have to replace the tires again because there is an underlying issue that isn't being addressed.

Thank you for your help, and many thanks for providing such a great resource with your site.

A. You may want to try another dealer. Sounds like someone is overlooking something. Seems to me that they should have test drove the car before releasing it to you after doing all this work and found that the problem was still there.

They may want to use an Electronic Vibration Analyzer (EVA) on this problem. This will allow them to find which spinning part on the car is causing the problem.

There may be a bent wheel, worn CV joint, water in a tire, all kinds of things. This tool will need a top rated technician to operate it so ask the dealer if they have this tool and have someone qualified to use it. In order for them to be a dealer, GM usually requires that a tech can do this job effectively.

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