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Jeep Grand Cherokee V-8 Firing Order

Q. Hello, I have been reading a lot on your site and I think it is excellent that you take the time to help other people with their car troubles. My question is I have a 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.2 liter V-8 and I was changing the distributor cap and rotor and seemed to have mixed up the spark plug wires. I know it was a stupid mistake but I somehow seemed to wind up with a hand full of spark plug wires and not an idea where they go.

Jeep Grand Cherokee V-8 Firing Order

If you could help me out with the firing order, or a diagram to help me get this baby going again. Oh yeah, my sister in law isn't very happy with me, it's her Jeep.


A. Well, we can't allow the sister in law to be unhappy. If the sister in law is not happy, the sister is not happy and in turn you're not happy.

Here you go!


For future reference, the firing order is stamped on the intake manifold. So what you do is set number one cylinder on TDC of the compression stroke and the rotor will be pointing at number one distributor tower. Then slowly turn the engine in the normal running direction and observe which way the rotor turns.

Then put number one wire on the spark plug and distributor and follow the firing order in the same direction as the rotor rotation.

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