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Dodge Durango Transmission Concerns

Q. Vince, I have a 2000 Dodge Durango RT, 5.9 liter V-6, and full time 4WD. When running at a steady speed it will occasionally jerk, sort of like a miss. When this happens, the tachometer increases by 150 to 200 RPM. It just a momentary flicker and the engine speed does seems to increase.

Dodge Durango Transmission Concerns

The problem is more prominent when using cruise control, but will sometimes occur when just trying to run at a steady speed. It sometime happens right after turning on the cruise control, but other times I may drive the car for several hundred miles with no problems.

What may be a related problem is that when starting out the transmission seems to sometimes do a double shift, sort of like trying to decide what gear it should be in. When this happens and you immediately accelerate, the transmission works fine. The local Dodge dealer did a diagnostic test on the car with no trouble found, changed the transmission oil and adjusted the bands. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



There is a TSB out that may or may not pertain to your vehicle. It depends on the production date of the vehicle.

NUMBER: 21-20-99
GROUP: Transmission
EFFECTIVE DATE: Nov. 29, 1999

46RE Transmission Shift Quality Improvement for a Drive - Rev - Drive Shift Maneuver

This bulletin involves selectively erasing and reprogramming the JTEC Powertrain Control Module (PCM) with new software (calibration change OOCal13 and O0Cal13A).

2000 (AB) Ram Van
2000 (AN) Dakota
2000 (BR/BE) Ram Truck
2000 (DN) Durango

NOTE: this information applies to vehicles equipped with a 46re automatic transmission built before November 12, 1999 (MDH 1112XX).

A change has been made to the PCM software to improve the durability of the transmission internal friction components when certain Drive-Reverse-Drive shift maneuvers are attempted. This type of shift maneuver is often associated with, but not limited to, snow plowing activities.

The new PCM software improves upon the current engine torque management when the above shift maneuvers are attempted.

What you are feeling could also be a Torque Converter Clutch engaging/disengaging. I don't know how many miles you have on this vehicle, but given the history of this transmission I would keep taking it back to the dealer until it is fixed to your satisfaction.

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