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Chevy Camaro Needs A Transmission

Q. Dear sir, I am the, not so proud, owner of a 1993 Chevy Camaro. It has a 3.4 liter V-6 engine and manual transmission. In October, it decided that it no longer liked its transmission, and broke down on me. I towed it to one place, and he demanded $2400.00 for a new transmission. Since I only paid $1500.00 for the car, I told him where he could put it, and towed the Camaro home.

Chevy Camaro Needs A Transmission

Now I am going to just buy a new transmission myself, and install it with the help of some friends. The only problem, I have no clue what to buy. I have attempted to research this online, and it seems that no one else knows what to buy either. I have asked many people, and they have come up with answer ranging from a Borg Warner T-5 to a couple of answers for a Saginaw.

If you could help me out, maybe point me in the right direction so that I can get a new transmission to install, that would be great. And please try and keep in mind that I am a struggling college kid.

Thank you,


If you are looking for the same transmission that is in your car now AND if it is the ORIGINAL transmission, call a dealer and give them your serial number of the car. They may be able to tell you which transmission was in it when built. There should be some used transmissions out there in the junk yards. Your transmission may even be able to be rebuilt! There is not a whole lot to go wrong inside one unless you were abusing it when it blew up.

If you look on the Regular Production Option (RPO) Code Label, the vehicle transmission group numbers are M01-M99 and MA1-MY9. If you tell me what the codes are I can translate them for you.

Chevy Camaro Needs A Transmission

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