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Hooking Up A Vacuum Gauge

Q. Hi Vince, Could you direct me to a web site with a very basic diagram showing where a vacuum gauge should be hooked up? I am trying to teach a new driver, 16 years old, something about the relationship between mashing the throttle and fuel economy. Also how this relationship changes with the car in different gears. I've searched to web for an hour but no diagrams. The car is a 1986 Olds V-8.


Hooking Up A Vacuum Gauge


Many vehicles have a "Fuel Economy Gauge" installed as part of a optional "Package". A fuel economy gauge is just a vacuum gauge with a fancy paint job.

What you need to do is connect the vacuum gauge to intake manifold vacuum. Just look at the intake manifold and locate a vacuum fitting. Like the one I show in the diagram below, assuming you have a 5.0 liter engine.

Hooking Up A Vacuum Gauge

If you are luck enough to find one that is not connected to anything and capped off, connect your vacuum gauge to it. If not, go the auto parts store, get the proper size tee fitting and tee the vacuum gauge into the existing vacuum line.

There is a small vacuum line on the back of the carburetor, at the base below the throttle plate. You can also tee into the line to get an intake manifold vacuum reading.

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