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Isuzu Trooper Starts And Dies

Q. Hi Vince, I found your web site through a Google search. It is very interesting and I will come here often. That being said here is why I found you. I have a 1989 Isuzu Trooper. It has the 4 cylinder motor and 300,000+ miles on it. I have driven it virtually everyday at better than 100 miles daily. This truck has been great! Now for the problem, about two weeks ago, while driving, I began smelling exhaust fumes inside the truck.

Isuzu Trooper Starts And Dies

This disappeared after about ten minutes. Then, the truck died. After about ten minutes, it started back up and I was able to make it home, however, all of the "idiot" lights, fuel, oil, battery, etc. started blinking. After I got it home, I let it sit overnight and the next morning it started right up, and then died after about 4 or 5 seconds. It would, and still does, start right up, but then die again.

I have checked the basics and replaced vacuum lines, and both, the previous owner had inserted a second inside the engine compartment, fuel filters. I attempted to check the flashing diagnostic codes, but no code comes up.

With the area that I live, the cold weather caused the battery to lose its charge. I took the battery out and charged it and when I replaced it, the truck started right up, like usual, and was fine. I drove it around the block with no problems. Then after I turned it off, and attempted to start it again, the same issue has reoccurred!

What is wrong with this dang thing? Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. I hope I didn't "overkill" you with information.



I'm going to suggest you get the charging system checked. I think you have a problem with the alternator. The reason I think this is the dash lights flickering on and off.

Those lights feed off the diode pack in the alternator and the flashing may indicate a bad alternator. In fact, I have seen vehicles with the dash lights on and the alternator was charging normally. In the meantime, try taking the negative battery cable off, wait a few minutes and see what happens. if you can drive it as normal, then that would tend to support the bad alternator theory.

I think this is where I would start. if the diode pack is shorting out it could cause the symptoms you describe. Otherwise we may be looking at an engine problem.

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