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Un-Seizing A Seized Engine

Q. I think my engine may have locked up on me while I was driving. I heard a rattling noise, then a pop, then everything just shut down. Is there any way that I can unlock it? Any help would be appreciated.

Un-Seizing A Seized Engine


It all depends on why it seized up. First thing to do to confirm the engine is actually seized is to put a socket and long rachet or breaker bar on the front crankshaft bolt and try to turn the engine. If it turns, it's not seized. If it doesn't, you have problems.

If it seized because it over heated then you may, and I emphasize may, be able to repair it without replacing the engine. If this was the case, the engine shouldturn.

If it seized because of lack of lubrication, or engine flush, then it has probably spun some bearings and, in that case, I would recommend replacing the engine.

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