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Pontiac Grand Prix Not Venting Right

Q. I recently bought a 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix GT, 3800 motor in it. I hadn't really paid attention to the climate controls and I had been running the fan on 2 or 3 and had it set to blow the air out of the panel and floor. Tried to turn it today to just the panel or max A/C and the knob turns but it still stays blowing from the same location.

Pontiac Grand Prix Not Venting Right

When you put it on max A/C the vents on the dash hiss a little air out but it blows really hard from the floor. Any ideas on how to fix this?



Most likely cause is a rotted, broken or dis-connected vacuum hose under the hood between the intake manifold to the vacuum storage canister. Trace all the vacuum lines and you will most likely find one off or rotted and leaking.

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