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Ford Ranger Manual Transmission Fluid

Q. Hi. I own a 1991 Ford Ranger, this being my first stick shift vehicle. Can I use automatic transmission fluid in a manual transmission. If so, would Dextron-III, Ford Mercon multipurpose ATF be alright to use?


Ford Ranger Manual Transmission Fluid


Here is the fluid type and capacities recommended by Ford. The Ford Ranger used either the Mazda M5OD 5-speed Transmission or the 5-speed Mitsubishi Transmission.
Manual Transmission Fluid Types And Capacity
Transmission Fluid Type Capacity
5-speed Mitsubishi*
Note: Used in some Ranger & Bronco II and identified by drain plug located in middle of pan
80W EP 5.6 pints
Mazda M5OD Transmission. Mercon(R) Automatic Transmission Fluid or equivalent. 5.6 pints
ZFM5OD-HD 5-speed Transmission Mercon(R) Automatic Transmission Fluid or equivalent.
Note: Synthetic Mercon (E6AZ-19582-B) may be used in extreme operating conditions to improve bearing life; extensive idling at less than -25 degrees F, severe duty at greater than 100 degrees F. If transmission lubricant is suspected of overheating.
6.8 pints
Warner Four-Speed Transmission Without Extension - 4x4. 80W EP 7 pints

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