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Jeep Cherokee Serpentine Belt

Q. Hello, I have a problem that has going on for a long time and I have been two months without my car and so I can't even make it to class at LSU a lot of the time because of one simple problem. I haven't figured out how to put on my fan belt after replacing my alternator. I have a 1995 Jeep Cherokee 4.0 liter 6 cylinder engine.

Jeep Cherokee Serpentine Belt

The guy at Auto Zone told me to turn this bolt to the left that's by itself on a pulley in the middle and I found it and did what he said. But instead of making it easier to put the belt on, the bolt just removes the pulley. I still haven't't been able to find the tension adjuster anywhere under the hood.

So, I was wondering if you might have an image and advice of what to do. You would be my savior if you could save me out of this horrific situation I'm in.

Thanks so much,


This engine does not have an tensioner for the serpentine belt. Only the 5.2 liter and 5.9 liter engines have a tensioner. The adjustment is at the power steering pump. Just loosen the power steering pump rear mounting bolts, pivot bolt and lock nut and then loosen the power steering pump adjusting bolt.
Jeep Cherokee Loses Power Steering

Slip the belt on and tighten the adjusting bolt until you can push the belt in about one inch midway between the A/C and alternator pulleys. Then tighten the lock nut, pivot bolt and mounting bolts and that's it.

Jeep Cherokee Serpentine Belt

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