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Chevy Astro Van Cargo Doors

Q. We have a 2000 Chevy Astro Van. The back double doors quit making electrical contact when the key is inserted. So, for several months we have been unable to open the back doors. Someone from a forum mentioned the "hidden compartment" in the right side inside the back door. Woh! think he may have been correct.

Chevy Astro Van Cargo Doors

There is a "relay" part with Siemens on it. It is a 1" square white piece with 6 prong connectors. Wires lead from that to the back cargo doors. Is this the relay switch he spoke of? Could this be our problem? Can this thing be tested? Where can a replacement part be purchased if needed, and do you know the approximate cost? Lots of questions, sorry.

Thanks for any help you can give.


I'm not familiar with this relay. If you have the dutch doors, there is a electric switch that pops the glass first. If this is what is not working, the switch in the gate is probably bad. The cheapest way to fix this is to get it diagnosed right first. A good electric guy should be able to figure it out within two hours.

If this is the relay you are talking about, it is the "Liftgate Lock/Unlock Relay". This is a dealer only item.

Chevy Astro Van Cargo Doors

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