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Chevy Truck ABS Control Module

Q. Hi, I saw your article that was about the person with a 1999 Chevy Truck with a ABS- Electronic Brake Control Module that would not turn the ABS pump off. I have the same problem. I cannot find any aftermarket parts places that carry it, Autozone, Checker etc. Do you know of anywhere to get the part so I can do it myself? Please help, it seems to be a hard part to find.

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Chevy Truck ABS Control Module

A. I don't think any aftermarket suppliers will carry this part. It's called an Electronic Brake Control Module (EBCM). The "brain" module for the ABS system. It's mounted under the drivers side of the truck on the inside frame rail.

Four torx head bolts hold it on. Be very careful with these bolts, they are out in the weather and can strip out very easy. A dealer will be able to order you this part. They are particular to each truck depending on tire size and other options.

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