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Pontiac Grand Prix Blows Lighter Fuse

Q. I have a 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix. Supercharged engine, automatic transmission with 50,000 miles. It has ABS and also a electrical set up that shows how much gas your using, how many miles you have left before you need to fill up if your doors are open, ect. I also can look in my windshield on the bottom drivers side and see my speed, turn signal, radio station.

Pontiac Grand Prix Blows Lighter Fuse

All this is mounted within access to the driver.

The problem I am having is the fuse keeps blowing out to the area of the cigarette lighter. I have plugged my cell phone and several other phones in it and it keeps blowing out the fuses. When the cigarette lighter is plugged it also blows the fuse.

The car is at the GMC dealership for the fourth time now for this problem. They have checked it out and put in a new fuse and the problem is fixed for approximately 10 hours. The fuse blows again and I am right back where I started from.

The dealership now wants me to put in a 20 amp fuse instead of the 10 amp that's in there.The dealership can't do it because it is not factory warranty. The car is under a 5 year bumper to bumper warranty and the warranty will be up in one year.

I want to know if putting a 20 amp fuse in the car will compromise the cars electrical system and if the dealership is giving me the run around? What do you suggest to fix this problem?


A. I would march right back down to that dealer and tell them to just fix the problem. Not hide it by using a higher amp fuse. Ask them who is going to pay to replace the wire harness when it burns up because of this "fix". There has to be an obvious problem for it to blow fuses repeatedly. Have they replaced to lighter socket?

Does it blow if nothing is put into the socket? If so, there is something else on that fuse besides the lighter and it may have a short in it. The schematic will show them all circuits that feed off of the lighter fuse.

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