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Volkswagen Jetta Coolant Sensors

Q. Hello Vincent, I hope you can easily answer this one. I have a:

  • 2000 Volkswagen Jetta GLS
  • 2.0 liter 4 cylinder
  • Automatic transmission
  • 89,000 miles

Volkswagen Jetta Coolant Sensors

The water temperature warning light has started to come on, with its accompanying momentary warning buzzer, every time I start the car. It comes on after a few moments of running. The light will go off after a minute or so. It then comes on again as the water temperature reaches normal operating range.

Again, it turns off after a minute or so and will not come on again until the car is stopped and restarted. The water temperature gauge is working fine. Engine temperatures are running at normal levels according to the gauge. The engine runs great and there is no "Check Engine" light. Coolant level is correct. Heater works normally. This started as an intermittent problem about 15,000 miles ago, but now is constant.

A friend familiar with VW/Audi products tells me there are separate water temperature sensors for the gauge, the ECM and the dash warning light and beeper. If this is true, I think I need to replace the warning light sensor. Is this true? And where is that sensor located? And could I just unplug it and eliminate the annoyance, since the gauge tells me what I need to know anyway?

By the way, I also had oil consumption complaints with this car early on, one quart in 3,000 miles. I change my own oil and filter every 5,000 miles as a rule. At 15,000 I switched to 10W40 from the 5W30 Volkswagen recommended and my consumption went to nothing. At almost 90,000 miles now I do not see a drop on the dipstick between changes.

Also saw a question on a 1999 Jetta front window regulator that broke. Volkswagen has an extended special warranty program for those. It was a really big problem. Both my front window regulators were replaced with improved parts for free, and they even refunded the retail price I had paid for the first one that failed before they announced the special warranty.

Thanks for your help. Ed

A. Okay, here is the location of the Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) Sensor. The ECT sensors G2 and G62 are the same sensor. The G32 Engine Coolant Level (ECL) Sensor is the one giving you the problem.

Volkswagen Jetta Coolant Sensors
G2 Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) Sensor

Volkswagen Jetta Coolant Sensors
G2 Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) Sensor

G32 Engine Coolant Level (ECL) Sensor

Volkswagen Jetta Coolant Sensors
G32 Engine Coolant Level (ECL) Sensor

Volkswagen Jetta Coolant Sensors
G32 Engine Coolant Level (ECL) Sensor

Now there was a TSB issued on "Instrument Cluster - Various Malfunctions".

Group: 97
Number: 01-01
Date: Apr. 30, 2001

Wiring Harness, Coolant Contamination at Instrument Cluster

New Golf, New Jetta 1999 through 2001

Coolant leaking from coolant reservoir bottle wiring connector contaminates the wiring harness. Contamination can result in various malfunctions of the instrument cluster.

Maybe your friend can get you a copy of the bulletin. It is rather lengthy.

Also, you might be intrested in what Jeremy has to say. Concerning VW Oil Consumption...

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