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Dodge Intrepid Rack And Pinion

Q. Hi, My husband and I are trying to fix my 77 year old Mothers' 1996 Dodge Intrepid. It is front wheel drive. The rack and pinion needs to be replaced. Actually it is just the bushing that needs to be replaced, but we were told this is the only model where the whole rack and pinion has to be changed out, the bushing can't be removed.

Dodge Intrepid Rack And Pinion

Our problem is: we can't get the rack and pinion out. There seems to be something in the "knuckle" holding it in. Is there some special tool or something we need? We have taken out a lot of stuff to get to the rack and pinion, short of the whole motor.

PLEASE HELP. The Dodge dealer wants $900.00 to do the job. She just simply cannot afford that.

A. You don't have to replace the whole steering gear. It is true that you needed to replace the whole rack to replace the bushings, but Chrysler has made them available separately now. You still need to take the steering gear out to replace them.

Part Number Part Name Application
05014740AA Bushing, Steering Gear, 1993 - 1997 All Suspension Packages
1998 - 1999 With SDC Suspension
05014748AA Bushing, Steering Gear, 1998 - 1999 With SDG & SDD Suspension

A machine shop can press the bushing out and in for you for a nominal fee. Of course if the steering gear is leaking, you should replace it.

But back to your question. There is a roll pin that has to be removed, using the proper size pin punch, before the steering coupler can be removed from the steering shaft. Be sure to mark it if you are using the same steering gear.

Dodge Intrepid Rack And Pinion

What I do is center the steering wheel and lock it into position by removing the key. This is really important especially if you have an air bag. Center the new steering gear as close as you can before hooking up the coupler.

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