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What Is A "Leaking" Injector?

Q. Hi Vince, I have a general question. While reading your Q&A section you often reply with leaking injectors. What do you mean by leaking injectors? Do you mean they leak around those tubes and gas runs out onto the engine, which I know is a possibility or are you referring that they leak from the nozzle on the inside of the manifold, which I assume you would not see any gas.

What Is A Leaking Injector?

You helped with a recent problem on my 1984 Nissan Maxima L24E running like you know what. I didn't replace the cylinder head temperature sensor. All I did was wiggle the connectors back and forth to make sure I had a good connection and that seemed to work. I haven't had any problems since.


A. Fuel injectors can leak outside and onto the engine, but I have seen very, very few that did. What is referred to when a fuel injector is leaking, is that it is leaking into the engine causing an excess of fuel and loss of fuel pressure.

If the intake valve of the cylinder the fuel injector feeds is open, the cylinder will start to fill with fuel. If it sits for any period of time, like overnight, this fuel can seep past the rings and dilute the oil.

I'm glad you found the problem. Tighten the female terminals a bit and put some white grease inside the connector to keep it clean.

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