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Honda Accord Anti-Freeze And Oil

Q. HI Vince, I have a 2003 Honda Accord LX. The manual said to put 5W20 oil in the engine. How sure can I be that if I take it to Jiffy Lube that they will put that weight in my car? I use to do my own oil changes. But see that it appears to be a little harder to change the oil in the 2003 Honda Accord.

Honda Accord Anti-Freeze And Oil

It appears that it might be easier to reach the filter by taking off the passenger side tire. This might get to be a pain but not too much. So with this in mind is it better to get the metal car ramps to elevate my car to change the oil or get those tripod jack stands to hold up one side of my car to change the oil? What would you use? The front end of the Honda Accord is very low.

I read where that my car, which I bought used and has 10,500 miles needs some antifreeze, the manual said to use antifreeze that is non-silicate. If I saw some in Walmart that said meets all Japan made cars this brand of antifreeze should do the trick?

Also, I was in Autozone and saw that some antifreeze did not have silicate in the ingredients. But the sales person said that even that it did not say in the ingredients they were still in it. Is this correct? The brand I saw was Prestone?

A. The oil filter is easiest to get to from underneath the car. I always have the car on a lift so access is easy for me. You might be better off with a pair of ramps to get under the engine. A piece of advice, check the ramps against the front of your car. Some models have spoilers or trim panels that will not clear the ramps when you drive up.

If you go to Jiffy Lube, you have to specify what oil you want in the engine, otherwise you get whatever they use. And watch that they do indeed put the oil you specified into the engine. Of course you can bring your own oil if you want.

If Honda says to use a non-silicate anti-freeze, that is what you should use. If the anti-freeze contains silicates, it will be on the label. Of course when in doubt, you can get anti-freeze from a Honda dealer. That way you'll know for sure you are using the right anti-freeze.

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