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Pontiac Sunfire Door Panel Removal

Q. I would like to replace the front speakers in my car. The car is a 1995 Pontiac Sunfire. The speakers are located in each door panel and the doors have power windows and power door locks. How do I go about removing the inner door panels to get access to the speakers? How do I remove the existing speakers from the doors? Thank you for your response to my questions.

Columbus, Ohio

Pontiac Sunfire Door Panel Removal

A. Without seeing the actual panel up close, it's hard to say. Look carefully around the panel for obvious screws holding it on. There is always a couple of big screws near where you pull the door closed. Sometimes they are hidden behind small panels that may be popped out with a little help from a small screwdriver.

After all the screws are removed, there's sometimes panel retainers that need to be popped out to remove the panel OR the whole panel can be slid upwards off some plastic hooks that are molded into the back of the panel. Once the panel is off, the speaker removal will be obvious, screws or rivets to get off. Good luck and be careful with the door panel.

Pontiac Sunfire Door Panel Removal

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