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Dodge Ram 1500 Power Seat Motors

Q. Hello, please help me! I have a problem with the DRIVERS SIDE POWER SEAT on my 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup. One of the electric motors under the seat for adjusting the seat position has stopped functioning, and a local dealer has told me over the phone that the only remedy is to replace the whole unit (seat, I guess), at a cost of a little over $800.00!!!!!

Dodge Ram 1500 Power Seat Motors

The electric motor in question is operated by the last switch on the side of the drivers seat (as you would look at it from outside the driver door, looking from front to back or left to right). There are three switches total. The last switch raises and lowers the back of the drivers seat to tilt it either forwards or backwards.

The seat is stuck in the “tilted forward” position, with the back of the seat up as high as it will go. When I press the switch in question while looking under the seat, I can visually see the motor “twitch”, like it is trying to turn the worm gear attached to it, but it just stops. No noise or anything after the initial “twitch”. It will respond with the twitch when I press the switch up or down.

I have looked at the tracks/worm gears/etc to see if there was anything blocking the movement of the seat, but I do not see anything. Since the electric motor twitches “up” when I press the control switch up, and twitches “down” when I depress the switch down.

I think the problem is with the electric motor, not the switch. I also noticed that the motor cover felt warm, almost hot to the touch compared with the other two electric motors under the seat.

The sticker on the electric motor reads as follows:

N3 6345

I thought about trying to remove the seat so I can see better, but it looks to me like the seat is not only bolted to the floor, but also RIVETED to the center console support. I think that I would have to take out the entire front seat, drivers side, center console, passenger side) just to look at it.

I thought about trying to take off the electric motor in question so I could trouble shoot it or take it to a repair shop, but I do not see how to disconnect it.

Even if I could just lower the back of my drivers seat manually, so that I don’t always feel like I am going to slide off the front, I would be happy. I just do not have the finances to pay almost $1000.00 for a seat!

Please help me!!

A. The $800.00 is not for the seat, it's just for the motor and adjuster assembly. Believe me, you DON'T want to know how much the seat costs.

The power seat adjuster and motors cannot be repaired, and are serviced only as a complete unit. If any component in this unit is faulty or damaged, the entire power seat adjuster and motors assembly must be replaced.

Now what I would do is go visit the local junk yard and get a damaged seat assembly from a wreck and use the motor out of it. Save the other two in case you need them down the road. I'm sure you can get the whole thing for about $100.00 or so. A lot cheaper than a new one.

Getting the seat out looks a lot harder than it is. I can do it in about an hour or so. Here's how to do it.


  1. Disconnect and isolate the battery negative cable.
  2. Remove the two bolts that secure the front of the seat frame to the floor panel.
  3. Remove the two nuts that secure the rear of the seat frame to the studs on the floor panel.

Dodge Ram 1500 Power Seat Motors
Driver Side Seat Remove/Install

Dodge Ram 1500 Power Seat Motors
Center Seat Section Remove/Install

  1. Remove the two bolts that secure the center seat to the driver side seat frame brackets.
  2. Unplug the power seat feed wire harness connector.
  3. Remove the driver side seat and adjuster assembly from the vehicle.

Dodge Ram 1500 Power Seat Motors
Power Seat Adjuster And Motors Remove/Install

  1. Remove the four screws that secure the seat adjuster and motors assembly to the seat cushion frame and remove the adjuster and motors assembly from the seat.
  2. Reverse the removal procedures to install. Tighten the seat mounting hardware as follows:

    • Seat adjuster to seat cushion frame screws - 18 ft. lbs.
    • Front seat adjuster to floor panel screws - 250 in. lbs.
    • Rear seat adjuster to outer floor panel stud nut - 250 in. lbs
    • Rear seat adjuster to inner floor panel stud nut - 30 ft. lbs.
    • Center seat bolts - 18 ft. lbs.

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