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Chevy Pick-up Daytime Running Lights

Q. I have a 1996 Chevy ½-ton pick-up, and 90,000 miles. A week ago I replaced the battery and I do not know if the problem existed before that or not. The Daytime Running Lights (DRL) has stopped working. The fuses, circuit breaker, DRL light on dash and emergency brake switch were all working but the DRL would not come on.


Chevy Pick-up Daytime Running Lights

I took the truck to a local independent garage that worked on it for five hours and could not fix the problem. Now the dash light does not come on and the circuit breaker is not engaging. Any suggestions? A Chevy garage in another town advised me to push the dome light switch four to five times to fix the problem. It did not work.


A. In most cases that I've seen with these, there is a diode that goes bad. It's mounted on the lower dash bar between the radio and steering column. You can usually see it and feel it but it's a real pain to get out.

The bolt is facing up and in a very tight place. Before you go and buy it I would try having it checked by a tech with electronic background. There should be a diagnostic chart in the factory service manual to help in diagnosis. Most private shops don't have access to this.

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