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Ford Aspire Clicks And Won't Crank

Q. Hi Vince, I have a 1997 Ford Aspire, manual transmission. When I try to start it, pushing in the clutch, it makes a clicking sound. I turn the key off and on three to four times in a row and it will start. Then it will start for a long time and then I will have to it all over again with turning the key on and off. Now the service engine light is on.

Ford Aspire Clicks And Won't Crank

I put a diagnostic code reader on it and I get a code P1797. DTC definition is Clutch Position Neutral Safety Switch Circuit. I checked the switch at the clutch pedal with a ohmmeter and the closes when I push in the pedal.

What components are in the clutch position neutral safety switch circuit? What other switches should I check? Is it the switch at the clutch peddle?

A. First you need to unplug the wire from the Clutch Position Neutral Safety Switch (CPNSS) under the dash. Now you need to jump the wires across with a jumper. Now see if the car will start all the time. If it does then the problem is in the switch. Replace the switch and see if it does the same.

It's also possible the clicking sound is a bad starter solenoid. If jumping the CPNSS does not resolve the problem, check for power at the small terminal on the starter. If you have power there when the key is in the START position, and the starter doesn't rotate, you will need to replace the starter and solenoid assembly.

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