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Increasing A Generators Fuel Capacity

Q. Vince, This is a tricky one, I'm just fiddling around and wondered where I could get a 12VDC fuel pump, adjustable 1 psi or so to 4 psi or so for a price that I could afford for a home project. I checked JC Whitney. and they want $39.00 + S&H. I was just trying to figure out how to supply gasoline to my 3 KW generator from a larger supply.

Increasing A Generators Fuel Capacity

The supply tank is only ½ gal. and therefore a limited run time. I live in Florida and I have this generator for the hurricane season. I used it a few years back and found myself re-starting freezers and refrigerators several times, (neighbors know I have it so they use my help) and I am glad to do it.

I have a 6 gallon gasoline tank held over from my boating days and it would handle the supply storage, and I have several choices on hoses and clamps and what I need is a very "weak" fuel pump, at a cost I can afford for this convenience otherwise I'll stick with what I got.

Thanks for your help, hope you have something!!!!!!!!!!!

A. Well Joe, I'm a great believer in the K.I.S.S. principle. The problem is the gas tank on the generator is too small. So why not use your 6 gallon tank as the gas tank for the generator. You strike me as someone who is handy and inventive so this will work. What makes it easier is this is a stationary engine.

I would fabricate a stand to hold the 6 gallon tank so it has a tilt to one end. Then I would drill the bottom of the tank on the lower end and weld a fitting, with a shutoff valve, that you can attach a fuel line too.

Then run the neoprene line to the fuel line on the carburetor, bypassing the original gas tank. For additional safety you can get metal lines and keep the amount of hose to a minimum. Just at each end so the setup can be easily broken down.

Gravity would supply the fuel to the carburetor and the needle and seat inside the carburetor will control the flow. This would make it maintenance free and you wouldn't have to worry about a power supply for the fuel pump. Plus it will cost next to nothing to do.

If, for some reason, you can't get to the fuel inlet of the carburetor, drill a hole in the gas cap and solder a fitting on it that you can attach your fuel line to.

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