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Volkswagen Jetta GL Idle Problems

Q. I have a 1991 Volkswagen Jetta GL. It has a 1.8 liter Digifant with a manual transmission. The car currently has around 144,000 miles however runs like a charm for the most part. The car has Fuel Injection, Power Steering, and an A/C unit which currently doesn't work. The problem that has lead me through anxiety and nearly tears at times is as follows:

Volkswagen Jetta GL Idle Problems

The car began to have an idle here it would surge between 700 and 1,200 rpms when it was first started after not being run for at least a few hours. In addition during these times it would occasionally stall. After viewing what seemed to be a good source, I cleaned the idle stabilizer valve with some carburetor cleaner.

At first it was great having the car never stall and I was in a state of bliss once more, however when the engine was revved it would still hunt around a little but I figured that I was still in great shape and shouldn't worry. WHILE, about four days later the idle resting point went up to 1,200 rpms and about a day after that it has decided to randomly rev at the time it was started up, to 3,000 rpms and not really calm down too much. This is concerning me and any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

By the way, I read a post entitle "Jetta Idle Hunting" on your web site, but found that it wasn't a whole lot of help to me. I don't believe it to be the ISV, in my case it wouldn't be the O2 sensor because it doesn't even work until the car is warmed up. And I'm not aware of the location of the Idle Air Control Valve.

Thank you for your time,

A. There are many possible causes for this. Given the sporadic nature of your problem leads me to suspect your EGR valve. Recommend you remove and inspect the pintle and seat and verify the integrity of the vacuum diaphragm. If the diaphragm checks out okay, thoroughly clean the pintle and seat of all carbon deposits and install with a fresh gasket.

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