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Dodge ¾-ton Steering Box Adjustment

Q. Vince, I recently e-mailed you about the ABS problem listed below. I also have another problem on the 1995 Dodge ¾-ton, 2WD, diesel, automatic transmission, P/S, A/C, with approximately 198,000 miles. Last year, the steering became very sloppy (i.e. required a lot of steering wheel turning to turn the wheels). The first suspension shop replaced the ball joints, shocks, aligned the wheels, and adjusted the pitman arm at a cost of $1,000.00.

Dodge ¾-ton Steering Box Adjustment

After several repeated visits through the fall of 2002, I took the truck to another shop. The second shop replaced the entire steering box in December 2002 for $800.00. The problem was resolved and the steering returned to "new" operating conditions.

After approximately 10,000 miles of exclusive work commuting driving, the steering suddenly deteriorated back to the "sloppy" conditions. I was going to take the truck back to the shop that replaced the steering box, but wanted to see what your input may be. The truck has never been driven off-road.


A. That steering box is adjustable so it may be a matter of the bearings and gears settleing in and just needs an adjustment.

If you look down at the top of the steering box, you will see an adjusting screw and lock nut. There is a long procedure for adjusting it which requires it be removed from the vehicle. But what I do is loosen the lock nut while holding the adjuster. Then I turn the adjuster in ¼ of a turn and while holding the adjuster, tighten the lock nut. Dodge ¾-ton Steering Box Adjustment

Then I drive it and see what it feels like. I repeat this until the steering wheel turns about one inch before moving the wheels back and forth. Then the adjustment is correct.

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