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Buick Park Avenue Vacuum Leaks

Q. Hello, We have a 1989 Buick Park Avenue (Electra). It has the 3800 6 cylinder. It has the Automatic Climate control. It also has all the factory options except anti lock brakes and remote entry. For the past year or so a problem has been developing. I think it has to do with a vacuum leak. It started out being intermittent and has gotten worse.

Buick Park Avenue Vacuum Leaks

The problem is that when going uphill with the cruise on the car would refuse to downshift and the air conditioning would switch from panel to the defroster vent. As it became worse, and you were driving in the level with the cruise on, you could feel the car "jerking" as the cruise constantly compensated -- you could also see the accelerator pedal moving up and down.

We had the car looked at by a local mechanic who told us that it was a leaking cruise servo due to a deteriorated rubber diaphragm. He pulled the vacuum hose from the servo and capped it off with the advice of driving it for a while and seeing if there was still a problem.

There is. The car A/C still goes to the defroster vent when going up a hill. Does this mean there is a second leak? Or another problem? Do you recommend non-GM parts? The mechanic said we could get a new servo for around $300.00. The AutoZone web site has them for around $80.00.

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Trace the vacuum hoses from throttle body to the vacuum storage canister. There may be a check valve/vacuum tee in the line that may have cracked. Also, I have seen the storage canister crack from the constant vacuum.

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