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Dodge Grand Caravan 'Fluttering'

Q. Dear Vince: My father in law did me a favor and took my 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan to have it serviced where they replaced both the front and back valve gaskets and spark plugs. Prior to this repair, the gaskets were only leaking, and the van ran great with NO noise problems. After I got it back, the van now makes a "fluttering" sound when accelerating from a dead stop until I take my foot off the pedal.

Dodge Grand Caravan 'Fluttering'

It's not a gas pinging sound, it is a definite flutter. He took it back to repair shop and they checked it over again. They then said the van had a hole in the crossover exhaust pipe, but they would not be able to fix it and to take it someone else that could.

He took it to a reputable muffler shop and they confirmed their diagnosis and changed the part. But the van still has the fluttering sound when accelerating. First repair shop says I am being petty about the noise and that the engine must make some noises (ha), but my point is, the van didn't have THAT noise prior to the repairs.

Any ideas? I am a little "ticked" about the fluttering noise and running out of maintenance money.



This is a case where I wish I could drive it and hear the noise firsthand. I guess the first thing I would do is to make sure all the spark plugs are tight. A loose spark plug will make a noise that could be described as a flutter.

The next thing I would do is make sure all the vacuum lines were reconnected and reconnected in the proper places.

Also, there is an air inlet resonator connected to the left valve cover that might have not been put back on correctly.

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