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Kia Rio Door Won't Unlock

Q. Hello yes it's me again!!! I have a 2001 Kia Rio. My newest problem is my drivers side door is locked and will not come unlocked. The lock won't come up to release. I cannot open the door from the outside with the key as the key previously broke off in the door. I had no problem reaching across to open it but now it won't open at all.

Kia Rio Door Won't Unlock

The shop said I would have to take that lock out and have new ones put it and it would cost about $500.00 I really can't afford that. Is there a trick to fixing this without the mega bucks that's about three of my car payments and of course it's not covered on my warranty. Help me!

A. The first thing you need to do is to get the door open. Since the you can't get the lock to release in the normal manor, you will need a Slim Jim to get inside the door to release the lock. Most technicians and all car thieves have one.You can try leaving a $100.00 bill on the seat and parking in the bad part of town. Maybe a thief with a Slim Jim will come along and pop open the lock while you stand nearby.

The other option is to drive it over to a shop and have a mechanic open the door for you.

Once you have the door open, this is how to get the door panel off. Once you are inside you should be able to see what the jam up is. If you can swing a new lock, it's just a matter of removing the lock clip, pop out the old lock and pop in the new one.


Kia Rio Door Won't Unlock
  1. Remove inner garnish.

Kia Rio Door Won't Unlock
  1. Remove one screw on inside door handle.
  2. Remove one screw on door pull handle.

Kia Rio Door Won't Unlock            Kia Rio Door Won't Unlock
  1. Remove door pull handle.
  2. Remove three screws from front door trim.
  3. Remove one screw on right side of front trim.
  4. Remove snap ring and regulator handle from front door trim.
  5. Unfasten front door trim with a trim removal tool.
  6. Remove front door trim by lifting front door trim up.


  1. Place front door trim.
  2. Install regulator handle to front door trim.
  3. Install one screw to right side of front trim.
  4. Install three screws to front trim.
  5. Install one screw to door pull handle.
  6. Install one screw to inside door handle.
  7. Install inner garnish.

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