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Volkswagen Passat Sunroof Broken

Q. A bracket broke on my sunroof, drivers side. The bracket that slides the glass back and forth. How do I ID the part? Can I replace just that part or what is the best way to repair this???

Also, the nut part of my oil filter cap broke. What is the best way of getting that cap off? Can I replace the oil filter bracket so I can use a normal oil filter? Would that be an option?

Volkswagen Passat Sunroof Broken

Also, any advice replacing back brakes? Disc and pads.

Also, my brakes rattle and bang and stutter but they stop the car, how do I fix that?? Could it be stray voltage in the ABS system??

Also, there are two hoses above that oil filter bracket that are very hard to get to unless I take the bracket out. What is the procedure of replacing those hoses and how do I ID them?

Also, do you have the name of a place I can get my parts cheap?? Used and new for this car?

Also, I need to replace my heater controller on the dash but need a schematic to understand how to take it apart. Can you send that schematic along with any other you think I might need, if you would be so kind or can you tell me where I can get them.

Thank you. I have many other questions but if you can get to any of these I would be very grateful.

  • VIN# WVWJD4311PE132802
  • 1993 Volkswagen Passat
  • 6 cylinder
  • Automatic transmission
  • 125,000 miles
  • Fuel Injection
  • ABS brakes
  • P/S, A/C, Cruise control

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A. The broken part on your sunroof should be the track mechanism. You will have to remove the head liner and disassemble the sunroof to take it out. Your local dealership should carry the track and you should be able to replace it individually. Your best bet is to see the parts section at the dealership and they will show you the microfiche on the sunroof breakdown. You can also purchase a complete used sunroof via this site:


On your oil filter canister, I suspect that you should be able to unscrew the remainder of the fastener with a pair of water pump pliers or vice grips. Again you should be able to get a replacement fastener at your dealer at a reasonable cost.

One of the best replacement oil filter setups I've seen is displayed at this link below.

Oil Bypass System.

Recommend that you purchase a Haynes, Chiltons, or Clymers shop manual for your vehicle. The answers to many of your questions lies within the pages, and if you do most of your own work, the $15.00 investment is well worth it.

Here is another source for used and rebuilt parts, along with the site above, you should be able to find some reasonably good deals. I have used carpart.com on many occasions and have found some great deals.


Volkswagen Passat Sunroof Broken
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