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Volkswagen Jetta Window Auto Closing

Q. Vince, Thank you very much for the accurate answers to Volkswagen Jettas. I am sure all other the car owners think the same.

I would like to know if I can fix myself a problem with the power windows on a 1997 Volkswagen Jetta GLS 2.0 Liter.

Volkswagen Jetta Window Auto Closing

This car is designed to roll up the all windows automatically when the car is locked with the key; the same way all the windows roll down automatically when the car is unlocked with the key. When I unlock my car and wait two or three seconds all the windows roll down normally.

The rear window on the passenger side delays an extra two or three seconds to get activated though. When I lock up the car all the windows roll up except that window. It will not go up unless I roll it up using any of the two inside switches (door panel or front console).

The power sunroof used to close automatically with the key as well, but that did not worry me until the rear window problem started. I am afraid the problem might expand to the other three windows. I would like to know what I should check/replace to fix the problem.

Thanks in advance for your response and one more thanks for your previous answer.

A. There is a TSB out on this problem. It is Number: 97-02. It requires modifying the wiring so I would suggest letting your Volkswagen dealer perform the modification. Then they can connect there scan tool to confirm the system is operating properly.

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