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Volkswagen Passat Strange Noise Cold

Q. Dear Vince, I have a 2000 Volkswagen Passat station wagon, V-4 with turbo, automatic transmission with 70,000 miles that is making a funny noise when the cold engine first starts. I think it sounds like a high-speed drill; my husband likens it to a vacuum cleaner. At any rate, it is high pitched and lasts only a few minutes.

Volkswagen Passat Strange Noise Cold

I have scheduled a Volkswagen service appointment on May 29th, but am a little concerned as my Volkswagen service center, 120 miles away (we live in central Kansas), has recently switched dealerships. Could you give me some guidance of what the problem could be before I go? Should I travel another 30 miles in another direction to go to a better-established service center?

Thanks for your guidance and have a good day!

A. I don't know how much I can help you with this. I would really have to hear the noise to give you some kind of idea what it could be.

If I had to guess, the drill like sound is probably coming from one of the driven engine components, such as the alternator or A/V compressor. You could try removing all the belts and starting it. If the noise does not appear then you have confirmed it is a driven component. Then reinstall one belt at a time and see which one causes the noise to appear.

Usually a change in management does not mean a change in personal. So if you are comfortable with your present dealer that by all means, go to them. If you are not comfortable with the change, then you should try the other dealership.

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