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Jeep Cherokee Light Problems

Q. Vincent: I am the original owner of this Jeep. It has been into the dealership for repairs and it still isn't right!

  • 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • V-8
  • Automatic transmission
  • 85,000 +

Jeep Cherokee Light Problems

The right side of the car is fine. However, the left side is not. I get a "rear lamp failure" on my message whenever the lights are on. The dealer hasn't been able to fix this. One of the back lights on the driver side is burned out. The seat heater won't work on the driver side but will on the passenger side.

The light in the trunk won't go on when it's opened but the light under the hood will go on. The lights on the 4WD gear will go on but the lights on the regular gear shift won't go on. The door lights will go on but the overhead lights won't.

If you have any suggestion how to resolve these problems I would appreciate it. My dealer said that it's not essential to have this repaired to drive the car, and it's not. However, I like my bell and whistles and LOVE my Jeep. I just want it all back in working order.

Thanking you in advance,

A. It sounds like your dealer has given up. I don't know about them, but in the thousands of cars I have worked on in my life, only one has beaten me. And that one 19 other technicians and the manufacturer couldn't fix either.

The one thing these circuits have in common is that they all get power from the main Junction Block behind the right kick panel. That is where I would start looking. I would take out the junction block and make sure there is no dirt or corrosion on the contacts behind it.

Then I would pick a circuit and trace it out from the junction block. That is the only way to find where the problem is. Chances are when you fix one, you'll fix them all. If the dealer is not up to this, then I would look for an auto electric shop who does have the skill to locate the problem. This is the kind of job I love. It takes time, but it puts my detective skills to the test.

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