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Saturn SL1 Stuck Seat Belt

Q. Hi! I have a 1997 Saturn SL1, automatic transmission, no special features, and the passenger side seat belt is stuck. This happened a couple of years back, and when I took it to a mechanic (after playing with it for days), he basically just pulled it in a certain way and unstuck it. he said that the mechanism that locks the seat belt in an accident got stuck.

Saturn SL1 Stuck Seat Belt

Well, it has happened again, and I have moved, I imagine the mechanics in CT won't be as nice (nobody here is!!!) and fix it for free. What can I do to get the seat belt unstuck? My husband is used to working on cars, but the Chilton's manual we bought has nothing on the subject.


A. Being that this is a safety item, I would replace that belt assembly with a new one. If you happen to get it un-jammed again, it may lock on you at a bad time. I'm sure if your husband is "handy", he can replace it himself.

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