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Honda Accord EGR Valve

Q. Dear Vince, As I searched for help in locating the EGR Valve for my 4-cylinder 1999 Honda Accord, I ran into your web site. Could you please give me a procedural advice of how to replace the EGR valve for this vehicle, including the diagram of its location?

Thanks in advance for your help,

Honda Accord EGR Valve

A. Here is a picture of where the EGR Valve is located. Replacing it is fairly simple and straightforward. A vacuum line and a couple of bolts. You'll see what you have to do when you look at it.

If you are replacing the EGR Valve due to the Check Engine Light (MIL) being on with a DTC P0401 then I suggest contacting your Honda Dealer. There was a Product Update Campaign (PUD) in the fall of 1999 that corrected the problem.

Honda Accord EGR Valve

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