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Mercury Sable Won't Start

Q. After the car has been driven it will not start. I searched the pages and did not find the exact scenario. When I try to start it absolutely nothing happens. All of the electronics work, the battery checked out good. Usually it starts after 2-3 hours, sometimes longer. What could it be? EFI? Coolant Sensor?

  • 1986 Mercury Sable
  • V-6
  • 77,000 miles


Mercury Sable Won't Start

A. When you say "When I try to start it absolutely nothing happens." I'm assuming the engine is not cranking.

What you need to do is the next time this happens, put a test light on the small solenoid wire (red/light blue) and see if there is power with the key in the START position. If there is, you have a bad starter. You can try tapping on it with a hammer to see if that will make the starter work. If it does, you need a new starter.

If there is no power at the small solenoid wire, then you might have a problem with the ignition switch or the Neutral Safety Switch (NSS).

At the NSS connector, you should have power at the red/light blue wire with the key in the START position. If you do you have an open circuit between the NSS and the starter. Now check for power at the white/pink wire. If there is power there with the key in the START position and not at the red/light blue, the NSS is bad.

If you do have power check for power at the white/pink wire at the ignition switch. If you don't have power coming out, the ignition switch is bad.

Mercury Sable Won't Start

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