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Chevy Blazer Cranks, No Start

Q. Vincent, I have a 1993 Chevy Blazer. This has a 4.3 liter V-6 with a VIN letter W. Which means it has individual injectors. It will not start when cold. We can spray gas into intake and it will run and run good. And it will start within a minute after that start. But if you let it set it will not start.

Chevy Blazer Cranks, No Start

We have good spark, we have 13 psi of fuel pressure at the back of head, we think the injector is clogged or the regulator is bad. Can we buy fuel injector cleaner a put it in the valve at the back of head? And do we do this with the key on? Or are we looking in the wrong area to make a repair? Can you give me some ideas on what to do next? I do not think we have a electrical problem. But, am not sure.


A. Do the injectors spray when cranking and not starting? Do you hear the fuel pump two second prime when the ignition is turned on? Sounds like you need to check the injector feed circuit at the injector plug. One wire should have battery voltage on it with key on. The ECM pulses the other wire to ground to fire the injectors.

An injector test light plugged into an injector plug should flash when the engine is cranked over. If no flash, ECM is not working or isn't getting all the signals it needs to fire the injectors. Possible distributor module or pick-up coil problem. Also, I have seen the magnets in the distributor shaft reluctor crack and cause a low initial voltage/crank signal.

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