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Chevy Lumina EGR Valve Code

Q. My wife has a 1996 Chevy Lumina LS 3.1 V-6. The "Service Engine" light is on and the code is 401. (401 is low EGR flow) I have removed the EGR valve and checked for contamination etc. and it looks okay. I have cleaned it with carburetor cleaner and replaced but this did not clear the code. My question is can I test the valve electronically?

Chevy Lumina EGR Valve Code

I know there are a ground and +12 volt pins in the connector. I would think there would be a procedure to test the operation of the valve with it off the engine using the connector pins and voltage. Also, if there is not a good way to determine if the valve is defective, do you know of source of the EGR valve at a good price? My local AutoZone has one for $139.00 plus tax.

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A. Take it to a dealer! There is probably a new software program to repair this. There may be nothing wrong with the valve. If there is a problem with the EGR valve, I would recommend a GM part. I know there have been a couple of reprograms for this DTC.

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