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Mazda B2000 Vacuum Diagram

Q. Hello, My Father passed away and left me a 1984 Mazda B2000 Sundowner truck. It is four cylinder carbureted. It looks great but I cannot find a vacuum diagram (it's not on the inside of the hood, like my Chilton manual said) and it is driving rough. The valve cover gasket was replaced and it seem it was worse after that.

Mazda B2000 Vacuum Diagram

Today I found oil in the air filter housing and the manual said to replace the PCV valve. I looked and looked and could not find one. Does this truck have one and where would it be? Also if you could suggest a manual for that specific model it would be a great help. Any suggestions about keeping this little thing on the road would be a blessing.

Thank you for your time.

A. There are six different vacuum systems used on that truck depending on engine, transmission and location. So, I really can't help you with the diagram. What you can do is go to the local public library and check the Mitchell Manual. It will have all the vacuum diagrams you need.

Here is a diagram showing the location of the PCV valve.

Mazda B2000 Vacuum Diagram

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