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Chevy S-10 Oil Filter Location

Q. First let me start by saying I'm not a mechanic and have never tried to pass as one. But I have been able to change thermostats, starters and that sort of thing. The following makes me feel stupid but I'm lost. I have a 1992 Chevy S-10 4x4. I developed an oil leak in the last couple of months. I thought at first it was the plug and the pan.

Chevy S-10 Oil Filter Location

I went to get the oil changed and since that time last week the leak has become quite significant, actually to the tune of me having to put in three quarts of oil a week after I had the oil changed. I dropped the skid plate looking for the filter in hopes that the quick lube I went to had forgotten to tighten my filter.

Problem is I can't find the filter. Can you tell me where this crazy thing is? Also if have an idea where I might be loosing that much oil I'd love to know your thoughts. Someone told me it might be a rear seal, but others have said I would never loose that much oil from a bad seal. Please help.


A. You didn't mention engine size. I'm guessing a 4.3 V-6. The oil filter is under the hood on drivers side behind the drivers head light. Your problem may be the lines that the oil has to travel in to get to the filter. They leak all the time. My guess is bad oil filter adapter seals or adapter lines. BUT, if it's leaking that much, don't you see any puddles under car?

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