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Ford Ranger Rear Main Seal

Q. PLEASE HELP! A month ago I purchased a 2000 Ford Ranger XLT 4x4 with a 3.0 liter V-6 engine. It's an automatic with ABS, P/S, A/C and cruise control. The truck has 32,500 miles on it and is leaking oil. The oil gauge only shows pressure half of the time. The dealer is replacing the rear main seal and the oil sending unit.

Ford Ranger Rear Main Seal

Do you think that there might be some other part that could be causing the leak? I only have two months left on the dealers powertrain warranty and am concerned that the leak will return after my warranty is up.

A. Well it's certainly possible there are other things causing the leak. But I would think that if the dealer is replacing the rear main seal, that they are fairly confident that's where it's coming from. When they are done replacing the seal, get, in writing, their repair warranty.

Sometimes they try to say it's only warranted for the remainder of the factory warranty instead of their usual warranty. This way if it starts to leak again in three months you have the warranty to fall back on.

When they are done, either have them clean the area or you do it so if it starts to leak again, you will be able to spot it. Then take it to an independent mechanic and let him look it over and see what else needs to be done while it is still under warranty. Most dealerships will do this too, but with an independent you can be sure it's done.

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