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Ford Taurus Water Pump

Q. This car was purchased by myself on June 25, 1990, and has been well taken care of mechanically. Other than the normal maintenance of replacing the Power Steering Pump, Starter, Alternator, Brakes, Some Hoses, Battery, Oil, Transmission Fluid, Anti-Freeze, Water Pump and Plugs/Wires, which I do myself. I haven't had a problem with my car, until now.

Ford Taurus Water Pump

About two months ago my water pump started leaking, okay no problem. Went out bought a new one from Ford. Went home put it on with no problems and got everything back together, I was test driving the car and noticed that my temperature needle went over to the hot side (to the letter A on the word NORMAL), the needle has never went past M before. So I checked the coolant level in both the radiator and overflow bucket, and yes I did add at least another half gallon of anti-freeze. Off I go again, and again the needle goes to the letter A, by this time it was dark so I decide to wait till the next day to do anything else.

The next morning the first thing I checked was the driveway under the car for leaks (Dry, and clean) then the coolant levels, both the radiator and overflow bucket were full, (proper fill levels). So I thought maybe the thermostat went out, I go out and buy one from Ford and replaced the old one. Started the car and went for a test drive, again my temperature needle went over to the hot side (to the letter A). However, I did notice that when the fan kicked on my needle went back to its normal resting place (Between the letter R and M).

To make a long story short, when sitting in traffic, the temperature needle rises to the letter A, when I'm driving the temperature needle returns to its normal resting place (Between the letter R and M). When sitting in the driveway and idling the temperature needle rises to the letter A almost to L, then the fan kicks on and takes the to its normal resting place (Between the letter R and M).

I have replaced the temperature sending unit, both temperature sensors on either side of the engine, (I forget their names and Initials) one deals with the exhaust, the other, water. I took the car to Ford replaced all hoses, had the radiator pressure checked, flushed, cleaned, engine block as well and refilled. Ford replaced the computer over the radiator (BIG BUCKS there), they said that the module for controlling the fan was bad, however on the off chance that the fan went bad as well; I bought a new one. Funny thing is, the car is still doing the same thing. I'm lost and I think Ford is as well.

This car doesn't burn, leak, use oil, nor does it leak coolant, my driveway is clean, (I check every morning along with checking all fluid levels, all are at the correct levels) I'm not blowing water out the tail pipe, water isn't mixing with the oil, and visa versa.

Am I and Ford missing something here, is there another module somewhere?

  • 1990 Ford Taurus GL
  • 3.8 Liter
  • Automatic
  • 196,000
  • ABS
  • P/S, A/C

Thanks for your help,

A. The first thing to do is check the serpentine belt routing. It is possible to put it on in such a way that the water pump will run backwards which would do very little for the cooling system.

If the belt is on right, then I would say you have a defective water pump.

Ford Taurus Water Pump

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