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Mercedes C250 Fuel Problem

Q. Dear Sir, I am a professional technician for Mercedes Benz in India. I am having an independent garage in India. I really lack in the service manuals and it seems difficult for me to understand the latest technology Mercedes. Right now I am stuck up with a Mercedes Benz C250 diesel engine 1995 model.

Mercedes C250 Fuel Problem

The problem is that, if the car is kept parked for nearly 8 hours in the night, then the car would not be starting in the morning. I have checked out the heater plugs and its perfectly all right. I found out that, there's no fuel in the diesel filter if it is kept parked for a few hours, I could not understand, where is this fuel is going to. How to identify this problem? Kindly help me out. The diesel filter is totally empty by morning. I am eagerly waiting for your earliest reply.

A. I'm assuming you mean the big, oil filter looking fuel filter towards the front of the engine on the drivers side. In all the time I've worked on Mercedes Benz I have never run across this problem. Somehow it would seem that the fuel issomehow, draining back into the fuel tank. But I hardly think that's likely.

I would check the fuel hose connection between the feed and return line on the body to the engine. They had a habit of leaking and it might be draining the filter.

I would also inspect the feed and return lines in the engine compartment for leaks as well. Outside of that the only other thing I can suggest is the fuel pump is allowing the fuel to run back into the tank.

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