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Lincoln Town Car Current Drain

Q. Okay Vince here it goes: What is happening is the battery drains to nothing in 2-10 hours. Sometimes quickly and sometimes not, never consistent. I have replaced the battery and alternator, still drains. Tested all the fuses with an ammeter. The only one that had a change in reading was the fuse for the interior lights.

Lincoln Town Car Current Drain

Pulled that fuse and let it set overnight. Next morning, dead. I removed the wire from the solenoid/relay to the starter and it still drained. Could a faulty solenoid/relay be the problem? Please help.

1983 Lincoln Town Car
5.0 liter engine
Automatic transmission
124,000 miles
P/S, A/C, P/W, P/L, P/S, P/Seats

Thanking you in advance.

A. The best way to check for a battery drain is to put an ammeter between the positive terminal of the battery and the positive battery cable. With everything off, note the amp reading. There is no specification for this, but for a 1983 I would like to see les than 250 milliampere.

Now start removing fuses. When the amp reading drops, you found the circuit that is causing the drain. You'll have to pull a fuse and close the door to get a good reading, otherwise the dome and door lights will give you a false reading.

If you go through the fuse without results, disconnect the fusible links at the starter.

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