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Nissan Primera Turbo Diesel

Q. I have problems with my turbo, seems like it doesn't work. There is no intercooler on the car, and the turbo makes only a weak sound on 3,000 rpm, with no effect. Have changed the air filter, wonder if the fault can be electronic or if there is anything that is possible to do without taking a electronic diagnose.

Nissan Primera Turbo Diesel

Expensive to have the dealer to look at it. I have some experience with older cars, the mechanics of diesel cars is no problem.

1998 Nissan Primera
CD20 Diesel engine with turbocharger
Manual transmission
371,000 kilometers (197,000 miles)

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A. It is difficult to see what the turbocharger is actually putting out without a boost gauge. Nissan used to include a Turbocharger Boost gauge as part of the standard instruments so you could see what it was doing.

I would take the air outlet off the turbocharger and see if there is any oil inside it. If there is, then the turbocharger needs to be replaced. If it feels sluggish and you don't hear a strong turbocharger wind-up, then it is probably bad.

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