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Rabbits Are Eating My Engine

Q. I had to replace the wiring harness in my 1995 Honda Civic because a rabbit was able to crawl to the top of the engine from outside the car, and damage (chew) a spark plug wire. Is there anything I can do so this problem does not happen again?

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Rabbits Are Eating My Engine

A. Critters have always been somewhat of a problem. I have seen rats make a nest on top of air filters, mice running out of engines when I open the hood. I have seen squirrels climb inside a heater case and, unable to get out, die inside it. I opened the hood of a car to do an oil change and there was a chipmunk sitting on top of the air cleaner, just looking up at me like why was I disturbing him. I even had to pull the remains of a cat who decided to fall asleep in a fan shroud.

A lot of home remedies have been offered for different animals. There is a flower you can plant around the house that rabbits don't like and will avoid. Gardeners use it to protect their gardens. I don't remember the name offhand, but any experienced gardener will be able to tell you what it is.

The most common solution is to mix a combination of bleaches and ammonia and spray the combination on the wiring harnesses. Also, cayenne pepper or any other hot pepper sauce has been used as well.

You can try using wire screen to block entryway's for small animals. I have wrapped this window screen around many an air intake.

The thing that attracts these critters is the warmth of the engine. In the winter they are looking for shelter from the cold and spring they look for places to bear their young.

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