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Chevy Silverado Brake Light

Q. Hi, The brake light on my dash board comes on after the car has been driven about 1.3 miles, and it won't go off until you shut the car off. When restarted it comes on much sooner the second and successive times. If you start the car and don't move it (just idle),the brake light will never come on at all.

Chevy Silverado Brake Light

All this is after the initial lights come on and go off right after start-up. In various phases and with multiple shops, I've now had an entire new brake system put in trying to correct this problem. (Master and wheel cylinders, pads, shoes, all hardware, fluid flushes etc.)

The braking of the vehicle doesn't seem to be impaired by this light, it just bugs me. The vehicle is a 1993 Chevy Silverado Pick-up, 2WD, 350 engine and automatic transmission. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

A. This truck should have rear wheel anti-lock system on it. There is a black box near the master cylinder that is the Brain for the system. Try unplugging this box and see if the light comes on. If not, you need to check for codes in the RWAL system.

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