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Pontiac Sunfire Cooling Fans

Q. I bought a 1996 Pontiac Sunfire. It is a 4-cylinder with about 80,000. When the car is running is the fan supposed to run as well? When the car is in park and running, the fan doesn't run. I didn't notice this until I was sitting in traffic, and the car began to run hotter than usual, but when I began moving the temperature dropped back to where it normally is.

Pontiac Sunfire Cooling Fans

Does the fan kick in at a certain temperature or does the fan or motor possibly need to be replaced? If the motor needs to be replaced is it supposed to be grounded? Standing on the passenger of side of the car looking at the cooling fan motor facing me there is a positive wire connected to the right nut and bolt, and nothing connected to the left nut and bolt.

Plus, when I first bought the car the A/C was blowing pretty cold. Now it barely gets cold, and most of the time it blows hot air when it's on the coldest setting with the fan setting. I have put Freon in, but it is still not cold. Does it need a charge, or is something else wrong? Does the cooling fan have anything to do with this? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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A. The cooling fan does come on at a preset temperature of approximately. 228°. It takes a long time for that 4 cylinder engine to reach this temperature at idle. The PCM will also control the fan when A/C is requested. So, a inoperative fan could be the trouble. Factory fan should have a black plastic two wire connector, one hot, one ground. The fan pulls air over the condenser to make the A/C cool.

Electric Cooling Fan Problems

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