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Chevy Silverado Blower Motor

Q. Sir, There must be a trick in replacing the fan blower motor on my 1994 Chevy Silverado. I removed the glove box and side panel, but still can't access the holding bolts nor the wiring harness. I am about to break out my saws-all and make room for entry! Seriously, do I need to cut away the rubber boot around the motor?

Chevy Silverado Blower Motor

The manual I've bought for this truck doesn't cover fan motor replacement.

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A. There is a couple of short cuts although they are not really time savers. The ECM needs to be pulled out to remove it's black plastic bracket which is on top of the blower motor insulator boot.

For a little more room remove the 13mm bolt at the right side of lower dash corner. Get a pry bar and GENTLY pry the bracket in to get it off the kick panel stud. Then you can pull lower part of dash rearward for slightly more room. After that it's all gravy!

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