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Dodge Neon DTC P1684 & P0340

Q. I have a 2000 Dodge Neon 4 cylinder SOHC with 53,000 miles. No goodies just the basic. My engine light came on, took it in and they said it needs plugs and wires and air cleaner. Paid $200.00 for the job as I was on vacation, no tools. So the same day it came on again, took it in and he reset the light and said it was one of the relays down line? Okay.

Dodge Neon DTC P1684 & P0340

The engine shudders and almost or does stall and then for two days the light stays on and then suddenly it goes off. My numbers on the dash say P1684 and P0340. I've looked it up and got two different stores. I've recently put in a battery, that was one number and the other says camshaft sensor. If it's this, how do I solve the problem and fix it?

Joe and Mary

A. P1684 simply means the battery was disconnected within the last 50 key starts.

P0340 No Cam Signal at PCM means the PCM is not getting a signal from the Camshaft Position Sensor due to either a broken wire or, more likely, a bad Camshaft Position Sensor.

Dodge Neon DTC P1684 & P0340

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