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Chevy Pick-Up Hesitation

Q. Hello my name is Jacob, I have a 1988 Chevy pick-up 4WD. My truck hesitates when I accelerate. It will run without hesitating first thing in the morning but after that it will do it every time I start to accelerate. After thirty mph it will stop. I have a 350 TBI, it also has an automatic transmission. There are 247,000 overall miles which include and 68,000 on a new engine, from GM.

Chevy Pick-Up Hesitation

I also have a power chip and riser plate. I put the riser plate in three years ago. The hesitation only started 1½ years ago. I took the chip out and it still hesitated, I put it back in. I had a tune up and it still hesitates. I run a 160° thermostat to help keep it cool. There was no difference in performance between the 185° and 160° thermostat.

My truck also has five inches of total lift and runs on 33 inch BFG's. Could you please let me know what you think. The truck is a daily driver of 110 miles for college. I also take it hunting and to the coast a lot. I believe if I could stop the hesitation I could pick-up a few more horsepower. Also, my truck passed smog just recently.

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A. Could be the timing is too far retarded? Lack of fuel pressure (clogged fuel filter?) Bad spot on the throttle position sensor or, my guess, an overactive EGR valve. You can pull hose off and plug it with a golf tee to test drive it.

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